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San Antonio Carpet Cleaning

Your Carpet Cleaning Experts!

Welcome to San Antonio Carpet Cleaning! We provide all commercial and domestic cleaning services to the San Antonio Metropolitan area. Our prices are competitive and our standard of service is exceptional. Not only do we do Carpet Cleaning in San Antonio, we also do Leather Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, Mattress Cleaning & Flooded Carpet Restoration.

Carpets hold and hide soil. When soil is not removed regularly, it builds up and eventually discolors your carpet making it look dark and dirty. Over time it becomes a haven for mold and bacteria. People within the area breathe this mold and bacteria-laden soil, and it settles on other surfaces that then need to be cleaned.

Carpets are hard to clean. Sometimes, your vacuum cleaner can’t make it as clean as you want it. Time to get help from a carpet cleaning company! San Antonio Carpet Cleaning can provide the best carpet cleaning and carpet cleaning services in San Antonio. We also offer upholstery and drapery cleaning services.

As a professional carpet cleaning company, we provide a professional reliable carpet cleaning service in San Antonio. Call us for all of your carpet cleaning and restoration needs. Eliminate the probable caused my mold and mildew by getting rid of organisms that can be carriers.

The right formula:  Using great equipment is only half the equation. Using the right chemistry is essential too. San Antonio Carpet Cleaning uses advanced cleaning agents which combine unique formulas with advanced technology. The result is powerful cleaning products that are designed to resist resoling. Our cleaning agent’s non-sticky residue won't attract other soil and this eliminates wicking and recurring stains.  And carpets will stay cleaner longer!  Not to mention we also use powerful truck mounted equipment which enables a great clean the first time, every time. With over 20 years’ experience in the industry you can trust San Antonio Carpet Cleaning to do the job right!

San Antonio Carpet Cleaning offers you the choice between a hot deep steam clean or a ready to walk on Dry Clean. If you are unsure of which is best for you, the experienced technician will inspect your carpet and give his recommendation.

All Carpet Cleaners at San Antonio Carpet Cleaning are Certified Carpet Technicians.


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